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The Secret Life of The Zoo. Nov 2018 - Mar 2019
Director of Photography for Channel 4’s popular factual series about the animals of Chester Zoo, from blue morpho butterflies to elephants.
Cities: Nature’s New Wild. Jan 2019
The world’s biggest parliament of owls in a Serbian square. BBC2.
Wild Britain. 2018
Wildlife sequences for 7 of the 8 episodes in this UK wildlife series for Channel 5, featuring golden eagles and goshawks hunting, a fallow deer rut, red squirrels burying nuts and a wingless wasp preying on a tiger beetle larva.
Hugh’s Wild West. 2018
Wildlife sequences for several episodes of this BBC2 series revealing the surprising wildlife of the West of England.
The Hunt: Jungles. May-Jun 2015
Silverback Films for BBC1.
Winterwatch. Jan 2015
BBC2. Yew wood insert film.
Sony A6000 chameleon TV commercial. Nov 2014
For Key Point Production, Shanghai.
Highlands: Scotlands Wild heart. 2014
Maramedia for BBC2. Filming ospreys at the nest.
The Hive. 2014
BBC2. Filming honey bees and other pollinators.
Pip The Squirrel. 2013-2014
DVD series for The British Wildlife Centre. Children’s DVD for sale online and at BWC.
The Great British Year. 2013
BBC1 four part series revealing seasonal stories over the course of a British year, using time-lapse, time-study, macro and other specialist camera techniques.
Britain's Big Wildlife Revival. 2013
BBC1 series examining the UK's spectacular wildlife success stories of recent years and looking at key areas of conservation concern.
Urban Jungle. 2013
BBC1 Urban wildlife series made by English regions and shown across the network on BBC2.
The Secret Life of Rockpools. 2013
1hr for BBC4 made by BBC Scotland. Presenter Richard Fortey examines the evolutionary adaptations that allow creatures to live in one of the most changeable and hostile environments of them all… the rocky sea shore.
The One Show. 2012-2014
Short films for the popular BBC1 show, featuring a hoopoe in Dorset, black water voles in the Scottish Highlands and deep sea coral reefs of the Outer Hebrides.
Inside Out. 2001-2019
Over 100 x 10 minute wildlife films in this popular BBC1 magazine series, for BBC South West, BBC West, BBC South, BBC North West and BBC London. Wild boar, seals, orchids, egrets, bats, and many more…
The World of Animals. 2012
(ARD/WDT) – Der Vogelmann Von London: 1hr for German television showcasing the movement started by “Urban Birder” David Lindo to galvanise interest in the fascinating and beautiful wildlife of urban places.
The Truth About Wildlife. Summer 2011
Chris Packham series examining the state of our countryside. Chris asks if we are making the right conservation decisions to best preserve our natural heritage. (Woodland and Farmland episodes).
Springwatch Easter Special. 2011
Wildlife camerawork at Selborne, Hampstead Heath and at Portland Bill for this Springwatch special.
Natural World: Harpy Eagle. 2010
An intimate encounter with some of the mysterious and exotic creatures of the rainforest's upper canopy South of The Orinoco delta in Venezuela. We follow a harpy eagle, wedge capped capuchin monkeys and black-necked aracary toucans, living around a vast and beautiful kapok tree.
Natural World: Butterflies – A Very British Obsession. 2010
No other nation has been quite so captivated with the winged jewels that flutter over their flowers in Summer. This film is a visual feast of UK butterflies and some of the remarkable people whose lives are dedicated to them.
Autumnwatch. 2010
Long lens photography of migrating birds, red deer rutting, garden and other Autumnal wildlife with Chris and Kate for BBC2's seasonal wildlife feast.
Springwatch. 2010
Wildlife camerawork for Simon King's broadcasts from Dorset, featuring a roe deer family, raft spider cannibalism, foxes hunting moths, hobbies catching dragonflies, buzzards hunting worms, Dorset reptiles, nightjars displaying, wood ants, strandline wildlife and much more.
Natural World: A Highland Haven. 2009
Principal cameraman for this 50 minute BBC2 film featuring white-tailed eagles, black-throated divers, red deer and a remarkable Scottish wilderness.
Coast. 2009
Wildlife and sync for Greenland white-fronted geese and the story of the Wexford Cott, in South East Ireland.
The One Show. 2008-2009
Numerous wildlife items for this popular BBC1 magazine series.
Autumnwatch. 2008 and 2009
Alien lizards, bats, invertebrates, wading birds and orchard wildlife for the BBC2 seasonal wildlife show.
Wild Gardens. 2008
Otters, birds, insects and other wildlife, for HTV’s wildlife and gardening show.
Nature's Top 40. 2008
Principal wildlife cameraman for this 10x30mins BBC2 wildlife series on the UK's top wildlife spectacles.
Nature Of Britain. 2007
Landmark BBC1 wildlife series: Farmland, Woodland and Wilderness programmes.
Monkey Life. 2007
Primate Planet Productions' diary of life at Monkey World, for Channel 5.
Nature Of Britain: Regional opts. 2007
For London, East, South, South West, South East, West, North, North East, North West. BBC1.
Nature Of Britain: Users Guide. 2007
2x50mins on the future and history of conservation and 6x50mins showcasing the regional opts. BBC4.
Oryx: Freed Spirit of The Desert. 2007
50 min HD documentary by Pyramedia, about the return of the mythical oryx to the Arabian Desert, UAE.
Nature's Calendar. 2006
Principal wildlife cameraman for this 40x30min BBC2 wildlife series.
Hands On Nature. 2005
Principal wildlife cameraman for this 10x30min BBC2 wildlife series.
Coast. 2005
High tide wildlife story on the Dee Estuary for this popular BBC2 series.
Life In The Undergrowth, David Attenborough. 2005
Various macro sequences for this BBC invertebrate blockbuster: tiger beetle parasitised by parasitoid wasp, hoverflies egg laying over dung.
Wild Wood, Natural World. 2005
Fox photography used for Charlie Hamilton-James' film.
British Isles: A Natural History, Alan Titchmarsh. 2005
Regional wildlife inserts with Chris Packham for this popular BBC series.
Various bird sequences for the RSPB's award winning Film Unit. 2005
Conservation films. 2003-2005
A 10 minute film for The Hampshire Environment Agency Fisheries Department and several short films for different departments of the RSPB.
Weathershots. 2003
A short time-lapse film made by me in association with Rustic Films, entered at the Tromanale Film Festival, Berlin.
Wildlife and environment television news stories. 2001-2003
BBC1 and ITV national and regional news items. Occasionally other news stories.
Voyage of The Nautilus. 2002
C4, interviews for Arctic exploration documentary.
The Dirt Vaccine. 2001
Gabriel Films for Discovery Health UK and PBS, principal cameraman – locations, labs and interviews.
Ten Pound Note. 2001
Time-lapse and slow-mo camerawork for this BBC2 film.
The Fish Run. 2000
BBC2 Southern Eye, principal cameraman for a half hour documentary following a heavy horse race carrying fish across France!
Naked DIY. 2000
Popular homebuilding series for HTV.
Wild Asia. 1999
Natural History New Zealand, golden eagle photography.
Living Britain. 1999
BBC2, UK wildlife sequences: song thrush in churchyard, chaffinch nesting in may blossom, rooks.
Hunters of The Sky. 1998
Beeley Productions for National Geographic, peregrine falcon photography.
Sahara: Seasons In The Sand. 1997
Mandalay Media Arts for PBS. Shot on super 35mm for HD broadcast. Started as an assistant, ended the production as a cameraman.
Genets: Night Raiders. Survival Special. 1995
Additional photography while working as camera assistant to Richard Kemp.
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